My first quarter at Miami Ad School, I wrote and narrated a children's story.

The founder of the school Ron Seichrist described it as a “perfect piece of prose.”





"The Dream of the Goblin in the Whale"


There once was a whale,
Bigger than all the trees.

Bigger than buildings,
Higher than the eye could see.

The whale was hungry,
And boy did he eat.

Until one day,
He ate a goblin.

And fell deep into sleep.

The goblin wreaked havoc,
Inside the belly the whale.

He danced and made fires,
Even eating part of the whale’s tail.

As the whale’s nightmares grew worse
Deeper into sleep he continued to fall,

In his heart wishing,
He had never eaten anything at all.


One day a boy on the beach
Found a huge whale asleep.

The boy tapped on the whale’s mouth
To see if the whale could speak.

The boy heard voice inside the whale
Not of whale at all.

Saying, “Go away or you will hate the day you made your call!”

The boy was not afraid,
But rather curious.

So he wriggled his way into the whale,
To see if the voice was serious.

Inside the whale,
The boy saw huge walls of blue.

But also felt waves of sadness,
And wondered what he could do.

Inside the boy saw a light,
Burning so bright.

The light came from around the corner,
So the boy followed and turned right.

There at the end,
Was in fact the most ugly thing the boy had ever seen.

A face made of yellow silly putty,
With two noses full of green.

The goblin looked at the boy,
And then howled at the sky.

The boy was unafraid,
He had looked the goblin in the eyes.

“My eyes! My eyes!” The goblin cried,
As his face started to melt.

His insides burned alive.
Pain was all he felt.

But the boy kept looking,
Until the goblin was all but pudding.

And that’s when the whale finally threw up,
And the boy woke up.